Cost Savings

CAA Planning is always looking for ways to save the client's money.

Planned Community (PC) Zoning. Developed by co-founder C. David Culbertson, virtually eliminates the need for subsequent zone changes, variances, and use permits. This innovation has saved millions of dollars for a variety of clients since 1979/80.

Program Environmental Impact Reports. An approach developed by the company eliminates the need for subsequent EIRs if the project is not changed substantially. This innovation has saved Mission Viejo Company millions of dollars. The Aliso Viejo Program EIR has only needed to be supplemented twice in nearly 20 years.

Fast Track Processing. It is a long standing policy of CAA to recommend a strategy that will keep the client's proposal before the reviewing body the shortest possible period of time. The Soka University project was heard and approved by the County of Orange in less than 10 weeks from the date of filing.

Zero-Based Budgeting for Planning. CAA was asked by MVCo. to review their planning procedures and make recommendations that would reduce expenditures or increase revenue.

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